The Color of the Sea (March, 2013)

The Color of the Sea “To walk alone is possible, but the good walker knows that the great trip is life and it requires companions.” – Dom Helder Camara If you’re my Facebook friend, you have probably seen this quote pop up a couple times in the last month. I first saw it as a fellow Seminarian’s status, […]

Failure: Opportunity, or Human Brokenness? (May, 2012)

Failure. Defeat. Catastrophe. Inadequacy. These are all words that, as humans, scare us into being determined to succeed. When working towards a goal, think about what it is you’re really afraid of- success and praise? A promotion? Pride? No. Humans are wired to be afraid of failing at something and disappointing the people around us. […]

Transition Time

Hello! While I work to get a jumpstart on my new website, I’ll be posting older articles from a previous blog I hosted. I’ll be sharing them over the next few days. These will include both academic works in addition to personal reflections. Enjoy!