Learning to Love -40°

[Re-post from bkathleen.wordpress.com] I was out walking with my dog the other night. For those of you not keeping track, I recently adopted an eleven-month old standard poodle named Teddy. Anyway, we were out walking one night. It was terribly cold. As we walked, I buried my head as far into my scarf as my […]

Thoughts on Thursday: Why I Actually Hate Palm Sunday

Last night I had choir rehearsal after a long day of work. Before rehearsal, I’d sung on the worship team during the Lenten service, so by 7:15, I was ready to be home and in sweatpants. I’d sworn to my friend Chris that I would stay at least for the rehearsal of our big anthem […]

Transparency Tuesday: Silver Linings… But I Definitely Don’t Have a Playbook

Today is a little bit about what’s going on with me right now– the painful stuff. It’s been challenging, draining, emotional, and, like I said, painful. But at the same time, it’s also been filled with hope, encouragement, and self discovery. Last week was a rough one… Wednesday in particular. Let me give you a […]

The Color of the Sea (March, 2013)

The Color of the Sea “To walk alone is possible, but the good walker knows that the great trip is life and it requires companions.” – Dom Helder Camara If you’re my Facebook friend, you have probably seen this quote pop up a couple times in the last month. I first saw it as a fellow Seminarian’s status, […]